Your 2017 Poker “Resolution-Starter” Guide!

It’s time again to turn the page and look ahead to a brand-new year full of possibilities!

How are you planning on making your poker game better in 2017?

If you’re like most players you’re not quite sure where to begin.

If you want to start 2017 on the path to improvement, I recommend following this list of Poker Resolutions:

1. Make sure my Preflop Raises are sized big enough to thin the field to one or two opponents.
2. Begin using Board Texture to guide my Postflop decisions.

I can’t stress enough how critical it is to apply these two concepts before you start trying to make any other changes to your poker game. These two ideas are so important that we want all of our Members to have watched them before they even join LearnWPT!

Now, if you’re a more advanced player and you already have those two concepts down, I’d recommend you add this Resolution:

3. Limit my Preflop Calling to situations where I:
a) have a speculative hand

b) will be entering (not creating) a multiway pot
c) can call for less than 5% of the effective stack

If you’ve already made all three of these “starter” resolutions part of your game, then a Membership with LearnWPT will be the easiest and fastest way to start adding more levels of complexity and nuance to your game.

Do you play Cash Games? If so, LearnWPT will be running a 2-Day Cash Game Strategy Workshop at Borgata in January. LearnWPT Live Training Events are the fastest, most comprehensive, and most fun way to radically change the way you play poker.

So what are YOUR Poker Resolutions for 2017? Post your answers in the comments below because it helps to write your resolutions down… and you may help another player realize what they need to be focusing on!

Here’s to making winning decisions in 2017!

-Nick Binger

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