Exclusive Access: Early Position Limping

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A New Look for LearnWPT!

You may have noticed a new look when you logged in to your LearnWPT Member Dashboard.

We are rolling out a new design to improve site usability and enhance our overall look and feel.

You can take a look around and explore for yourself, but here’s a brief summary of what’s changed (below) for your reference. As always, if you notice anything wrong or experience any difficulty in using the site the way you normally would, don’t hesitate to contact us so we can resolve the issue.

Updated Navigation Bar:

LearnWPT Navigation now uses a unified bar so you can always get from one part of LearnWPT to another with ease.

New Ask a Pro:

We’ve cleaned up the Ask a Pro page to make it easier to read, and we’ve added the ability to sort questions and answers as well.

New Episodes Page:

We’ve added the ability to filter and sort your Strategy Episodes!

Filter allows you to control which types of Strategy Episodes appear in the dashboard. Clicking on the filter selects and unselects Episodes.
Sort allows you to change the order in which the Episodes appear

Sort Your Decisions:

Filter allows you to control which types of Decisions appear in the dashboard. Clicking on the filter selects and unselects Decisions.
Sort allows you to change the order in which the Decisions appear

Updated My Account Page:

The “My Account” page got a refresh as well. Details pictured below.

As you can see, we added an option to Contact Customer Support right out of the “My Account” page. (In addition, you can always click the “Contact” link at the bottom of all pages of LearnWPT.com as well as email us at [email protected])

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