Congratulations, Jerry!

The votes have been counted, and we have a winner to the “30 Minutes to Victory!” Challenge: Jerry Z. from Surprise, AZ

Here’s Jerry’s entry, answering the question “If you had only 30 minutes per week to work on your poker game (away from the table), how would you spend that time to get the best results?”:

Specifically I would review poker hands with friends who could critique my play and provide honest feedback on other ways to play that hand. These are poker players whom I can trust in their analysis and be truthful in helping me improve.

Another area away from the table is watching film of tournament play and listening closely to the commentators; they consistently pass along and share strategies which have helped me improve my tournament play.

The LearnWPT hands have provided additional help in planning my strategies in tournaments. It’s been helpful to read the comments at the end of the hand that was reviewed by The LearnWPT pro. I may not always agree with the strategy but that’s the beauty of poker; taking ideas and suggestions and implementing what can work for you.

Another area that can be reviewed is not focusing on “results” but concentrating on “how you played a hand”. Based on the information you got during a hand and planning a strategy is how you learn to improve. Sharing that strategy with fellow poker players that you respect is a key to your improvement.

Knowing ahead of time because you did the work ahead of time (planning , adjusting, making your reads and picking up tells) are just a few things to do away from the table. Most poker players just hope to improve by playing more; that’s not necessarily the best way to raise your level of play.

A person can be an A-B-C poker player which is ok; however to be a winning player I believe you need to capitalize on the weaker players and get them to make mistakes; put the pressure on them with controlled aggression.

In order for me to do that I need to be prepared so I can put my self into position to win. Others may see it as me getting lucky; but they do not realize that “My preparation has put myself into position to get lucky”. I know that through my ready and studying that professional poker players have stated that fact.

Finally, the work I have personally done away from the table is the reason I have had some success in No Limit tournaments. My goal is to improve in my decision making along with putting my opponents on hand ranges and bet sizing tells. Thanks for the opportunity to share my thoughts.

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