LearnWPT Poker Hands of the Month!

We’ve been listening to all the feedback from everyone and love hearing how you’re using the “Poker Hands” emails to practice your decision making and improve your game.

We’ll keep sending them, but here’s a collection of your favorite and most discussed Poker Hands of the month.

1. Q♥Q♣ vs a 3-Bet
2. Big Draw vs a C-Bet
3. A♠Q♠ in the Big Blind
4. Under the Gun with A♠T♥

Amateurs play, Pros practice! 

​​Deliberate application of key concepts at the table and constant practice of your decision-making skills is essential for success in No-Limit Hold’em.

That’s why we ask that you read these articles and keep practicing your decision making skills… even if you don’t always agree with our analysis (keep those comments coming)!


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How are these scenarios helping your game?
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