LearnWPT Poker Hands of the Month – Continuation Betting!

Knowing how and when to C-Bet, Continuation Raise, Float, and Check-Raise are the keys to getting a hold of chips and protecting your stack.

Understanding and mastering strategies such as Continuation Betting, Floating, Protecting C-Bets, and Check-Raising will give you the opportunities to exert skill edge against your opponents.

Practice your Continuation Betting decision-making skills now by reviewing the following collection of Poker Hand examples on how to effectively use the LearnWPT C-Betting strategy.

1. When You Miss the Flop: Missed the Flop in a Multiway Pot
2. C-Bet and Get Check-Raised: T♠T♥ vs a Check-Raise
3. 3-Bet and Get a Single Caller: 6♠6♣ on the Flop
4. Continuation Raising: K♠K♥ vs a Flop Bet
5. Calling in Position vs C-Betting: A♥K♠ vs a Donk Bet

An effective C-Betting strategy that accounts for board texture, number of opponents, stack sizes, and likely hand ranges is an essential tool that separates amateurs from the Pros.

Understanding these critical concepts and how to apply them will put you in a position to take down uncontested pots through aggression, and provide a balanced approach to your postflop game plan.

Keep on practicing!


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How are these scenarios helping your game?
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Strategy Episode Preview: Protecting Continuation Bets

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