You are Short Stacked in a Tournament, what do you do?

The first thing is DON’T PANIC!

The second thing is check which Hand Ranges you should be shoving all-in with when you are first-in to the pot given your stack size and position.

How? By quickly reviewing the BRAND-NEW interactive Push/Fold Charts created by LearnWPT and short stack specialist, Chris Wallace.

  • Visit the Tools Dashboard 
  • Click the View Charts button to open the interactive Push/Fold Charts
  • Select Big Blinds in your stack
  • Select “With Antes” or “Without Antes”
  • Find the number of players behind
  • That’s it! These ranges will be the most profitable to move all-in with

Helpful hint: bookmark the Push/Folds Charts page for quicker access

Learning how to utilize the short and awkward stack will improve your ability to get chips without good cards, even in the toughest games.

Watch more about the the fundamentals of Chris Wallace’s world-class short stack strategy by reviewing Strategy Episode 168: Short Stack Play – Overview.

If you have questions about the Push/Fold Charts send your questions in using the Ask a Pro feature or contact [email protected].

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Meet LearnWPT Pro Chris Wallace!

Chris, known to the poker world simply as “Fox”, is a professional poker player, poker coach, and widely respected theorist and author on the game. Chris would contend that he’s known more as a coach than as a player, having served as coach and mentor to several successful players. Read Chris’s Full Bio →

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Over the course of his teaching career, Nick developed a comprehensive method for improving the games of others, no matter their skill level or experience.

Meet Your Instructor: Eric Lynch

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Eric has made over 300 Final Tables in high profile online and WSOP tournaments including placing 3rd in a Pot Limit WSOP Event. Eric excels at both cash and tournament play, having logged thousands of profitable hours.

Eric has had the privilege of helping hundreds of students from all skill levels grow into successful players during the past 10 years teaching alongside Nick.

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