LearnWPT: Playing from the Blinds

In No Limit Hold’em, players lose more money from the Blinds than any other position in poker.

Why? Most players are either playing too aggressively (they don’t want to give up chips without a fight) or playing too passively (fearing a 3-bet or their raise getting called).

Whether you are defending from the Big Blind, completing from the Small Blind, raising limpers, or 3-Betting late position raisers, understanding how to play each position as profitably as possible (no matter what your cards) will help keep those chips in YOUR stack!

Put your decision-making skills from the Small Blind and Big Blind to the test using the scenarios below:

1. Set of 9♠9♣ on the Flop
2. K♥J♥ vs a Large Raise
3. Q♠Q♦ on the Flop
4. A♦K♦ vs a Raise and a Call
5. A♠Q♦ on the Turn

Understanding and mastering the strategies delivered in the following LearnWPT Episodes will give you the opportunities to exert a skill edge against your opponents and play from the Blinds effectively:

Keep on practicing!

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You are on the Button with J♥J♠. The MP1 player min raises and both the MP2 and Cutoff players call. Action is on you….

What are the factors you need to think about when choosing between calling, reraising, and folding? 

Join LearnWPT Lead Instructor, Nick Binger as he breaks down the action from a LearnWPT Student submitted hand reviewing a common spot with Pocket Jacks Preflop that often gives players trouble!

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