Create a Winning Habit

We know, you want it all now….

The calendar has just turned over and it‚Äôs gonna be your year, no matter what it takes. You‚Äôre committed to making the changes that will transform your game and your life. 

  • Effortless decision-making
  • A dynamic game-plan that accounts for all the situations you‚Äôll face at the table
  • A calm and unshakable mental game
  • And maybe even to shed a few pounds from the holidays ūüôā ūüćó

But we both know that in order to make a real change it takes small pieces of consistent effort over time.  

We see it each January… everyone rushes to join the local gym in attempt to affect change immediately. You can barely find a parking space, let alone an open treadmill or weight machine. 

Fast forward to March 1st…. you can pick any machine and park a Winnebago with ease! Everyone who made the big commitment to exercise and make a change is gone (and they are most likely still paying for that gym membership!).

So how can YOU avoid the January rush and the March drop-off in your game? Simple, commit to a cycle of constant improvement. 

It‚Äôs a fact that new habits take time to form, a little over 2 months on average (p.s. 2 months of LearnWPT will cost you only $34!).

Not sure how to do that for your poker game? Here are some suggestions to get started today:

Choose one section of your game that you want to improve such as preflop play, and commit to memorizing hand ranges by position. Pick a hand range to try and memorize for 15 min a day then move on to the next range.

Commit to work on your Mental Game. Write down exactly what you are feeling and thinking when you make a strategic mistake. Review your notes before each session to inject logic and avoid the risk of future blow-ups.

Schedule time on your calendar to study by watching Strategy Episodes on Block out 15 mins twice a week with no distractions and watch an episode to reinforce a strategy or to start learning a new concept.

Record 1 hand from each session you play. Pick the hands that make you uncomfortable and write down the critical details. Use a tool like HIT to capture the hand and share with your peers, coach, or the LearnWPT Pros.

Winning players train consistently to change bad habits and sharpen decision-making. 

Let LearnWPT help you build the same consistency, one day at a time!

That’s what we’re here for.

PS Join now¬†for just $5¬†and you’ll also have the ability to¬†Ask a Pro¬†your poker¬†questions and review the¬†30-Day Winning Blueprint¬†email series. When you upgrade to a Monthly or Yearly Member you’ll gain access to our on-demand library of 300+ No Limit Hold’em strategy videos!

Let’s talk about poker goals…

But these won’t be just ANY poker goals. Today we are talking about S.M.A.R.T. goals. 

What are S.M.A.R.T. goals?

S.M.A.R.T. goals are:

Specific: Instead of saying, “I’m going to start winning at poker”, one could say, “I’m going to plug leaks in my cash game spending 30 minutes a week watching LearnWPT Strategy Episodes and reviewing notes I take to make sure I am applying what I learn at the table.” 

Measurable: Progress must be trackable. Setting concrete milestones for assessing your progress allows you to adjust based on your results. Not sure how you are doing? Ask our LearnWPT Pros along the way for their advice using the Ask a Pro or Hand Input Tool feature.

Attainable: Maybe you want to become a WPT Champion, but you haven’t yet won a WPT event. Better to start with something like: “Grow my poker bankroll to $_____ where I can comfortably play in a WPT Tournament” or “Attend a LearnWPT Live Workshop for interactive professional training“.

Relevant: This means that the goal fits into your real life situation, skills, and desires. An irrelevant poker goal to set would be to play poker only on days that start with the letter “T”. ūüėČ

Time-Bound: This means your goal has a “when” associated with it. That could mean, “I’ll play every Saturday for the next 4 weeks”, or it could mean, “I’ll join LearnWPT and review the daily 30-Day Winning Blueprint emails each day for 30 days“. As long as you account for time, your on your way to setting a SMART goal!

So right now… try articulating your SMART poker goal. Say it out loud to yourself, write it down, and keep it somewhere visible!  

One post-it note with a SMART goal in it in the right place can work WONDERS for your motivation!!

Much success,

Still need help setting your S.M.A.R.T. goals?
Click here to watch (for free!) a full LearnWPT Strategy Episode from acclaimed Mental Game coach Jared Tendler on Setting Goals for some guidance. 

Your 2019 Poker Resolution Starter Guide

It’s that time again to turn the page and look ahead to a brand-new year full of exciting possibilities!

How are you planning on making your poker game better in 2019?

If you want to start 2019 on the path to improvement, I recommend following this list of Poker Resolutions:

1. Make sure my Preflop Raises are sized properly to thin the field to just one or two opponents.

2. Begin using Board Texture to guide my postflop decisions.

I can’t stress enough how critical it is to apply these two concepts before you start trying to make any other changes to your poker game.

These two ideas are so important that we want all of our Students to have watched them before they even join LearnWPT (which is why we give them to you for free)!

Now, if you’re ready to take the next step and you already have those two concepts down, I’d recommend you add these Resolutions:

3. Limit my Preflop Calling to situations where I:
a) have a speculative hand
b) will be entering (not creating) a multiway pot
c) can call for less than 5% of the effective stack

4. Evaluate my play to improve faster by:
a) creating a journal to keep track of hands
b) writing down key details for hands I have trouble with
c) setting up a feedback loop using the Hand Input Tool to record, save, and share hands you’ve played for expert analysis from LearnWPT Pros

5. Think about and set my Poker Goals by:
a) reflecting on my past goals and results
b) setting process and results oriented goals
c) understanding “why” poker is important to me

If you’ve already made all of these “starter” resolutions part of your game, then a Membership with LearnWPT will be the easiest and fastest way to start adding more levels of complexity and nuance to your game.

If you want to jump-start your Tournament game, then the LearnWPT 2-Day Strategy Workshop in Los Angeles this February is for you! Live Training Workshops are the fastest, most comprehensive, and fun way to radically change the way you play poker.

So what are YOUR Poker Resolutions?

Post your answers in the comments below because it helps to write your resolutions down… and you may help another player realize what they need to be focusing on!

Here’s to making winning decisions in 2019!
-Nick Binger

What is the Big Blind Ante Structure?

Check out¬†Matt Savage’s recent article¬†as he explains the benefits and rules of the new Big Blind Ante structure and why the World Poker Tour is adopting it.

So… what strategic adjustments should you be making because of the new BB Ante format?

The answer might surprise you….

Watch the below preview of LearnWPT Strategy Episode 237 as Nick Binger answers a Member submitted question from our Ask a Pro feature regarding adjustments for the new Big Blind Ante structure:

Some key take away’s from Matt Savages’ article regarding the new Big Blind Ante structure all players should know:

  • There will be one single ante posted for the whole table by the player in the Big Blind.
  • The ante is posted first and players from any position will be eligible to win the entire ante regardless of chip stack.
  • Antes never reduce until end of tournament.
  • In regards to payouts, if two players are all-in at same table and one is in the Big Blind, (a) the Big Blind gets credit for ante first, (b) the player out of the big blind gets full credit for ante, and (c) the ante is considered dead in the pot.
  • Dealers, staff, and players alike have universally claimed how much easier and more efficient it is. Dealers do not have to remind distracted players to post their antes every hand.
  • More hands are being dealt, allowing structures to remain deeper for longer portions of tournaments.
  • There are less chips in play and less need to make change

“The TDA and I share a mantra of consistency and, whether or not you personally agree, you should live with the change to be consistent for the benefit of the players. I know that big blind ante is a great change to no-limit hold‚Äôem poker tournaments. The big blind ante is here to stay! The bottom line is that BBA is faster and downright better!”

– Matt Savage


Members can send us any questions or hands they’ve played using the BBA and receive expert answers and analysis from the LearnWPT Instructors using the popular Ask a Pro feature¬†and¬†Hand Input Tool.

What do you think of the new Big Blind Ante?
Share your thoughts in the comments below!

When we created our goal was to provide a place that empowers players to ask questions, help get them focused, and provide a solid game-plan to bring to the table every time they sit down.

Some of the ways we accomplish this is by:

  • Teaching and presenting examples of proven, winning concepts through our¬†Strategy Episodes¬†(short 10-15 minute instructional videos)
  • Providing a place where Members can send questions to receive answers and guidance with the¬†Ask a Pro¬†feature
  • Giving Members the ability to record, save, and send real hands they’ve played to receive expert analysis of their play using the¬†Hand Input Tool

Not a Member? Click below to join (just $5 your first month) and start improving your game today:  

Join us in Congratulating Tazo and Shirley!

When we created LearnWPT our goal was to help improve the games of poker players who love the game as much as we do.

We’re blown away by all the emails we get from LearnWPT Members! Not only about the success they’ve been having at the poker tables since joining, but also about what poker means to them and how it’s changed their lives.

Unfortunately we don’t have room to post all of them, but here’s some inspiration we got from LearnWPT Members Tazo and Shirley, from Las Vegas, NV:

“My wife, Shirley, and I have more than 150 years combined. I am in my 71st year as a retired entrepreneur and Shirley is in her 81st year as a retired nurse and long-time Vegas resident.

I have dabbled at poker for a number of¬† years. A few years ago Shirley asked me to teach her. I told her that poker takes a lot of work, and like the piano, not many take it up late in life‚Ķ she took my casual comment as ‚Äúfighting words‚ÄĚ and immediately responded to the challenge!¬†You need to know, Shirley helped her first husband host small family poker games in their basement more than forty years ago‚Ķshe did the food and snacks‚Ķshe never played‚Ķonly the guys‚Ķsome notable names…

I had books, some old DVDs,  poker notes from over the years, but nothing coherent and certainly nothing presented in short digestible lessons. That’s when I tried LearnWPT on a weekly then monthly basis and for the last half year, I have subscribed for a year.

The bottom line, playing and learning how to actually have a winning tournament poker “game” at our age has changed our lives dramatically!

We play at lower levels in Vegas, buy-ins in $80 to $250 ranges, but both cash consistently, in 30-35% range, and played 300+ tournaments last year. Since we both have some medical constraints…only occasionally do we attempt deeper stack tournaments. We have done quite well early last year at Binion’s when they had their $10,000 guaranteed for $160 buy-in. In the past few months, while Shirley has been recovering from a knee replacement, I have played deeper stack tournaments a few times a month at The Mirage, Aria, and The Venetian…but again in the $150 to $250 buy-in range.

We find that our elderly ailments and old age pains completely disappear when we are at a poker table focusing on Nick’s fundamental approach to understanding what is going on and how we can exploit situations. Poker definitely keeps our mental game engaged and focused, not only do we love it, but clearly it is extremely healthy!

We thought that since most of your members are younger, you should know that there is a need for two old new revitalized poker players!

Thanks, Tazo and Shirley.”

Congratulations on your poker success, Tazo and Shirley!¬†ūüĎŹ

As a students of the game, Tazo and Shirley have the LearnWPT mindset that a¬†little bit of studying¬†away from the table, done consistently over time, will put you on the¬†path to success. And more importantly…they are having fun doing it!

LearnWPT can do the same for you and your poker game! 
Try your first month of LearnWPT for only $5, and you could be our next Inspirational Story!

Need more proof that you can teach an old dog new tricks?¬†Check out this story of¬†“The Silver Snipers”, a team of seniors (ranging in age from 62-81) who joined an e-sports tournament playing Counter Strike against much younger opponents. The best part… they did this after¬†just 3 weeks of coaching.
Join LearnWPT Today!

Congratulations, Jerry!

The votes have been counted, and we have a winner to the “30 Minutes to Victory!” Challenge: Jerry Z. from Surprise, AZ

Here’s Jerry’s entry, answering the question “If you had only 30 minutes per week to work on your poker game (away from the table), how would you spend that time to get the best results?”:

Specifically I would review poker hands with friends who could critique my play and provide honest feedback on other ways to play that hand. These are poker players whom I can trust in their analysis and be truthful in helping me improve.

Another area away from the table is watching film of tournament play and listening closely to the commentators; they consistently pass along and share strategies which have helped me improve my tournament play.

The LearnWPT hands have provided additional help in planning my strategies in tournaments. It’s been helpful to read the comments at the end of the hand that was reviewed by The LearnWPT pro. I may not always agree with the strategy but that’s the beauty of poker; taking ideas and suggestions and implementing what can work for you.

Another area that can be reviewed is not focusing on “results” but concentrating on “how you played a hand”. Based on the information you got during a hand and planning a strategy is how you learn to improve. Sharing that strategy with fellow poker players that you respect is a key to your improvement.

Knowing ahead of time because you did the work ahead of time (planning , adjusting, making your reads and picking up tells) are just a few things to do away from the table. Most poker players just hope to improve by playing more; that’s not necessarily the best way to raise your level of play.

A person can be an A-B-C poker player which is ok; however to be a winning player I believe you need to capitalize on the weaker players and get them to make mistakes; put the pressure on them with controlled aggression.

In order for me to do that I need to be prepared so I can put my self into position to win. Others may see it as me getting lucky; but they do not realize that “My preparation has put myself into position to get lucky”. I know that through my ready and studying that professional poker players have stated that fact.

Finally, the work I have personally done away from the table is the reason I have had some success in No Limit tournaments. My goal is to improve in my decision making along with putting my opponents on hand ranges and bet sizing tells. Thanks for the opportunity to share my thoughts.

For this winning entry, Jerry will get 2 Months of Membership to LearnWPT!

Thanks to EVERYONE who entered the “30 Minutes to Victory!” Challenge and everyone who voted! LearnWPT is proud to be part of such a great community of poker players who are dedicated to improving their games as well as the games of those around them.

P.S. If you are looking for an easy way to spend 30 minutes (or less) each week working on your poker game away from the table, you should consider giving a LearnWPT Membership a try. Get your first month today for only $5!

Vote Here for the “30 Minutes to Victory!” Challenge!

Voting has begun!

See below for the Finalists in the “30 Minutes to Victory!” Challenge.

Thanks to everyone for all their entries and good luck to the Finalists!

Cast your vote for the most helpful answer to the below question (be sure to share your entry with your family and friends!):

If you had only 30 minutes per week to work on your poker game (away from the table), how would you spend that time to get the best results?

Voting begins October 9, 2017 3:00 AM PT and ends October 16, 2017 11:59 PM PT. Voters may vote once per entry per day. See Official Rules for details.

The answer with the most votes will win 2 Full Months of Membership to LearnWPT! The winner will be announced on October 18, 2017.


Introducing the “30 Minutes to Victory” Challenge!

If you’re like most poker players, two things are very likely to be true about you:

  1. You would like to improve your results at the poker table, be it in cash games or tournaments (or both).
  2. You rarely (if ever) put in dedicated time away from the table to improving the way you play.

Notice we said “most”, not “all” poker players. So what about everyone else?

If you’re like most winning professional players and winning students of poker, two things are very likely to be true about you:

  1. You would like to improve your results at the poker table, be it in cash games or tournaments (or both).
  2. You regularly (if only for brief periods of time) put in dedicated time away from the table to improving the way you play.

So what can we learn from this?  All poker players want better results, even the ones who are already winning. But the difference that makes ALL the difference in poker is time spent away from the table to improve your play.

But we’re all busy people, right? In fact, the most common reason poker players give for NOT spending ANY time working on their game is that they just don’t have the time to study! [Note: these players still find the time to play poker, lose, and complain about the results… just not to study the game.]

The key factor that separates most poker players from winning pros or students of the game… small amounts of effort, once or twice a week.¬†With that in mind… LearnWPT would like to challenge you, and all poker players with the following question:

If you had only 30 minutes per week to work on your poker game (away from the table), how would you spend that time to get the best results?

Can you answer that question?

We hope so… because we’re going to give 2 Full Months of membership to LearnWPT to whoever receives the most votes for their answer!

That’s right… YOU pick the winner!

The winner will receive 2 months of:

  • On-demand access to over 150+ in-depth¬†Strategy Episodes
  • Poker questions answered with¬†Ask a Pro
  • Access to the LearnWPT Archive of¬†Poker Hand scenarios to test¬†decision-making skills
  • Access to Downloadable Tools¬†you can use at and away from the tables
  • Preferred Pricing for Live Cash or Tournament Strategy Workshops

The “30 Minutes to Victory!” Challenge is open to LearnWPT Members and Non-Members!

Here’s how it’s going to work:

  1. Submit your answer to the Contest Question (using the form below)¬†by 11:59PM PT on October 6, 2017.¬†‚Äč(One entry per person. Your entry will show as “Pending” until it has been “Approved”. You will receive an email notification when your entry has been approved. See Official Rules for more details.)
  2. On Monday, October 9th at 3:00AM PT, voting begins! We will send an email to participants announcing that voting has begun. You may vote once per entry per day.
  3. Voting will end on October 16th at 11:59PM PT.
  4. The winner will be officially announced on October 18th.

The prize is non-transferable and has no cash value. Purchase not required. Void where prohibited by law. Click here for the Official Rules.

All entries to the “30 Minutes to Victory!” Challenge are subject to moderation and approval by LearnWPT.

So if you want to make sure your entry gets approved, be sure to read these¬†important DO’S and DON’TS:


  • Share your best advice for how to study, prepare, or improve your poker game while away from the table!
  • Share tips you have used successfully to improve your own game
  • Share tips you haven’t YET used yourself… but plan to use soon
  • Be specific about how to apply your advice (including any personal experiences that might be relevant)
  • Contact LearnWPT with any questions about this promotion


  • Advertise the use of a specific Product or Service (including LearnWPT). We want study tips and advice, not product promotion.
  • Share specific poker strategy advice (ie, “don’t raise Queen-Ten from Under-The-Gun…”, etc.). This is about how to learn, not how to play.
  • Use offensive language in your submission. Keep it family friendly!
  • Criticize or Disparage other entrants, poker personalities and players, poker products or services. Keep it positive!
  • Plagiarize! All entries must be original.
  • Be afraid to enter and share your thoughts!

Good luck!


New LearnWPT Tools Dashboard!

We are excited to announce a brand new feature for our LearnWPT Members, the Member Download Area!

Monthly and Yearly Members of LearnWPT can now view and download any of the charts, manuals, and guides we’ve discussed in Strategy Episodes right from the Tools Dashboard!

You can take a look around and explore for yourself, but here’s¬†a brief summary of how to use the page for your reference. ¬†Please note you must be logged into your Membership to access the page.¬†

As always, if you experience any difficulty in using or downloading from this page, don’t hesitate to contact us so we can help resolve the issue.

Updated Navigation Bar:

To get to the Member Download area on desktop click TOOLS in the LearnWPT Navigation bar or on a mobile device click Menu and select Tools.

Member Download Area:

Members can now view and download the charts, guides, and manuals featuring key concepts discussed in LearnWPT Strategy Episodes as well as review the Strategy Episode they were first introduced in!


When you click the Download PDF button, the file will open in a new window. You can then save or print the charts and manuals to review anytime.

Introduced in Episode:

When you click the INTRODUCED IN Episode button, you will be redirected to the Strategy Episodes in which the concept was first introduced and discussed.


You’ve seen Nick use the PokerCruncher hand equity calculator in many Strategy Episode. You can purchase and download this tool to your mobile device by clicking the Mac or iPhone Download buttons or Android Google Play button.

We’ll be adding more learning tools to this page, so make sure to check back!

If you would like to see any tools that Nick discussed in previous Strategy Episodes added to this page, please send in your suggestions to [email protected].

Thanks for being a part of LearnWPT!

Watch and Learn with Nick Binger – WPT Final Table Live Stream

Watch live video from WorldPokerTour on

Watch LIVE as LearnWPT Pro, Nick Binger, gives expert commentary for two WPT Seminole Hard Rock Final Tables!

The Final Table Live Stream of the $3500 buy-in WPT Seminole Hard Rock Poker Showdown Championship is Wednesday (4/5/2017) starting at 12:30PM EST (9:30AM Pacific).

The Final Table Live Stream of the $10K buy-in WPT Seminole Hard Rock Poker Finale is Thursday (4/6/2017) starting at 12:30PM EST (9:30AM Pacific).

You can watch above or at 

The broadcast will be on a 30-minute delay with hole cards and commentary from your LearnWPT instructor, Nick Binger, and World Poker Tour analyst Tony Dunst.

How would you have played it?
Share your answer in the comments below!

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