LearnWPT Ladies Poker Brunch Follow-up and More!

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Thank you for attending this fantastic event! We hope you enjoyed the LearnWPT poker strategy instruction with LearnWPT Pro Tony Dunst at the WPT Ladies Brunch at Seminole Hard Rock.

Here are a few points from this session to remember whenever you are at the tables…

The Basics:

  • Uses Standard 52 Card Poker Deck
  • Each Player gets 2 cards face down (know as Hole cards)
  • Multiple betting rounds – Preflop, Flop, Turn, and River
  • Best 5 card hand using your 2 cards and the Community Cards win


  • Wait for your turn to act
  • When you receive your cards keep them face down and place them in front of your stack
  • Verbally announce your bet amount before you place chips in the pot
  • Bet with one forward motion
  • Winning a hand without showdown – Wait until your Opponents Fold and the Pot is pushed to you by the Dealer before returning your cards – Do Not Turn Them Over!

Aggression Wins in Poker:

  • Aggression wins in Poker
  • Three out of four hands do not make it to Showdown
  • The last aggressor wins the majority of hands
  • Betting and raising should be your primary tools
  • Bluffing must be part of your game plan

First-In Strategy:

  • Raise or fold, do NOT call
  • Your goal is to restrict the number of opponents seeing the flop to 1 or 2 on average
  • Find your “standard” raise size for each level. A raise size resulting in 3+ callers is NOT working

Overcoming Your Fears:

  • Practice making moves! Fear prevents us from accumulating lots of chips and becoming a chip leader
  • Enjoy playing the game and you will have a better chance of success

As an added bonus you can download our First-In Hand Ranges for Tournament Play by clicking the button below:

Ways to continue your education….

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Thank you again for a great event!

Good luck and good playing,
Tony and the LearnWPT Team

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