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Train with LearnWPT Pros this May 25th – 26th in Las Vegas at our brand-new Live at Bellagio 2-Day Tournament Mastery Strategy Workshop.

If you are passionate about tournament poker and want to know the next-level strategies that separate long-term winners from one hit wonders, the LearnWPT Live at Bellagio Tournament Mastery Workshop is your can’t miss opportunity.

During this Strategy Workshop you’ll be given intimate access to proven techniques and decision-making processes that have produced a WPT Alpha8 Champion, WSOP Bracelet winners, and over $17 million dollars in live tournament winnings (and counting!).

This is your chance to ask every question you have about tournament poker and receive personal feedback from world-class Instructors and winning Professional Players – Nick Binger, Eric “Rizen” Lynch, and Andrew “LuckyChewy” Lichtenberger.

This will be our only Tournament Mastery Workshop in 2019!

Hurry… registration closes May 19th

Don’t miss the opportunity to get ahead of your competition (right before the summer tournament season begins)!

For more information on the curriculum and what you can expect….

Questions? Contact the Live Support Team (888) 600-5593 or [email protected] and we’ll be happy to answer all of your Workshop questions.

LearnWPT Exclusive Access: Improve Your Worst Decisions with Jared Tendler

[UPDATE: This LearnWPT Strategy Episode is no longer available for free to non-members]

We hope you enjoyed this special access to a full Strategy Episode from LearnWPT!

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What do elite athletes like Dwayne Johnson, Lebron James, and Tom Brady have in common?

They relish the work. 

They find success through process, not procrastination. They create an environment for constant improvement, and surround themselves with the resources and tools necessary to achieve goals.

This allows them to focus on the task at hand and actually have fun doing the “work”

If you find the idea of “doing the work” overwhelming, it’s likely because you don’t have a plan for improvement, or you don’t even now what specific part of your game needs to be improved.

Now, we aren’t suggesting you wake up at 4:00 AM and hit the gym everyday (unless you want to!), but you need to create a dependable cycle for continuous improvement.

That’s where we can help!

Get started right now by watching the Strategy Episode from LearnWPT Mental Game Coach Jared Tendler about Improving Your Worst Decisions and discover a repeatable process for confronting and correcting your mistakes away from the table (just like the pros do!) so you don’t make them when it really counts.

FYI… this exclusive access was available to non-members of LearnWPT for a limited time, through April 1st.

We’ve made the plan, so it’s time for you to Do the Work!

We’ll see you online!

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Think Like a Pro

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Create a Winning Habit

We know, you want it all now….

The calendar has just turned over and it’s gonna be your year, no matter what it takes. You’re committed to making the changes that will transform your game and your life. 

  • Effortless decision-making
  • A dynamic game-plan that accounts for all the situations you’ll face at the table
  • A calm and unshakable mental game
  • And maybe even to shed a few pounds from the holidays 🙂 🍗

But we both know that in order to make a real change it takes small pieces of consistent effort over time.  

We see it each January… everyone rushes to join the local gym in attempt to affect change immediately. You can barely find a parking space, let alone an open treadmill or weight machine. 

Fast forward to March 1st…. you can pick any machine and park a Winnebago with ease! Everyone who made the big commitment to exercise and make a change is gone (and they are most likely still paying for that gym membership!).

So how can YOU avoid the January rush and the March drop-off in your game? Simple, commit to a cycle of constant improvement. 

It’s a fact that new habits take time to form, a little over 2 months on average (p.s. 2 months of LearnWPT will cost you only $34!).

Not sure how to do that for your poker game? Here are some suggestions to get started today:

Choose one section of your game that you want to improve such as preflop play, and commit to memorizing hand ranges by position. Pick a hand range to try and memorize for 15 min a day then move on to the next range.

Commit to work on your Mental Game. Write down exactly what you are feeling and thinking when you make a strategic mistake. Review your notes before each session to inject logic and avoid the risk of future blow-ups.

Schedule time on your calendar to study by watching Strategy Episodes on Block out 15 mins twice a week with no distractions and watch an episode to reinforce a strategy or to start learning a new concept.

Record 1 hand from each session you play. Pick the hands that make you uncomfortable and write down the critical details. Use a tool like HIT to capture the hand and share with your peers, coach, or the LearnWPT Pros.

Winning players train consistently to change bad habits and sharpen decision-making. 

Let LearnWPT help you build the same consistency, one day at a time!

That’s what we’re here for.

PS Join now for just $5 and you’ll also have the ability to Ask a Pro your poker questions and review the 30-Day Winning Blueprint email series. When you upgrade to a Monthly or Yearly Member you’ll gain access to our on-demand library of 300+ No Limit Hold’em strategy videos!

LearnWPT Exclusive Access: Pot Odds

[UPDATE: This LearnWPT Strategy Episode is no longer available for free to non-members]

We hope you enjoyed this special access to a full Strategy Episode from LearnWPT!

Strategy Episodes like this are included as part of a Membership to Monthly and Yearly Members of LearnWPT get two new Episodes every week!

Do you know what it means to call profitably?

​​Do you know when a situation becomes profitable based on Pot Odds?

Understanding Pot Odds and basic poker math is key to determining your hand’s equity and is essential to making profitable decisions.

That’s why we are giving exclusive access to a full LearnWPT Strategy Episode where LearnWPT Lead Instructor, Nick Binger helps take the anxiety out of poker math and simplifies calculating Pot Odds for practical use at the table!

Practicing these calculations away from the table will elevate your No Limit Hold’em play and allow for better decision-making in real time at the table.

This video is part of our Concept Strategy Episode series where we present key poker concepts that are the fundamentals of the game. These Episodes represent key content we think ALL members should have as part of their game.

Check out more on Odds and Outs by viewing these previews:

FYI… this exclusive access will only be available to non-members of LearnWPT for a limited time (access expires February 2nd!) so make sure to check it out.

We’ll see you online!

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Think Like a Pro

When we created our goal was to provide a place that empowers players to ask questions, help get them focused, and provide a solid game-plan to bring to the table every time they sit down.

Some of the ways we accomplish this is by:

  • Teaching and presenting examples of proven, winning concepts through our Strategy Episodes (short 10-15 minute instructional videos)
  • Providing a place where Members can send questions to receive answers and guidance with the Ask a Pro feature
  • Giving Members the ability to record, save, and send real hands they’ve played to receive expert analysis of their play using the Hand Input Tool

Not a Member? Click below to join (just $5 your first month) and start improving your game today:  

Let’s talk about poker goals…

But these won’t be just ANY poker goals. Today we are talking about S.M.A.R.T. goals. 

What are S.M.A.R.T. goals?

S.M.A.R.T. goals are:

Specific: Instead of saying, “I’m going to start winning at poker”, one could say, “I’m going to plug leaks in my cash game spending 30 minutes a week watching LearnWPT Strategy Episodes and reviewing notes I take to make sure I am applying what I learn at the table.” 

Measurable: Progress must be trackable. Setting concrete milestones for assessing your progress allows you to adjust based on your results. Not sure how you are doing? Ask our LearnWPT Pros along the way for their advice using the Ask a Pro or Hand Input Tool feature.

Attainable: Maybe you want to become a WPT Champion, but you haven’t yet won a WPT event. Better to start with something like: “Grow my poker bankroll to $_____ where I can comfortably play in a WPT Tournament” or “Attend a LearnWPT Live Workshop for interactive professional training“.

Relevant: This means that the goal fits into your real life situation, skills, and desires. An irrelevant poker goal to set would be to play poker only on days that start with the letter “T”. 😉

Time-Bound: This means your goal has a “when” associated with it. That could mean, “I’ll play every Saturday for the next 4 weeks”, or it could mean, “I’ll join LearnWPT and review the daily 30-Day Winning Blueprint emails each day for 30 days“. As long as you account for time, your on your way to setting a SMART goal!

So right now… try articulating your SMART poker goal. Say it out loud to yourself, write it down, and keep it somewhere visible!  

One post-it note with a SMART goal in it in the right place can work WONDERS for your motivation!!

Much success,

Still need help setting your S.M.A.R.T. goals?
Click here to watch (for free!) a full LearnWPT Strategy Episode from acclaimed Mental Game coach Jared Tendler on Setting Goals for some guidance. 

Your 2019 Poker Resolution Starter Guide

It’s that time again to turn the page and look ahead to a brand-new year full of exciting possibilities!

How are you planning on making your poker game better in 2019?

If you want to start 2019 on the path to improvement, I recommend following this list of Poker Resolutions:

1. Make sure my Preflop Raises are sized properly to thin the field to just one or two opponents.

2. Begin using Board Texture to guide my postflop decisions.

I can’t stress enough how critical it is to apply these two concepts before you start trying to make any other changes to your poker game.

These two ideas are so important that we want all of our Students to have watched them before they even join LearnWPT (which is why we give them to you for free)!

Now, if you’re ready to take the next step and you already have those two concepts down, I’d recommend you add these Resolutions:

3. Limit my Preflop Calling to situations where I:
a) have a speculative hand
b) will be entering (not creating) a multiway pot
c) can call for less than 5% of the effective stack

4. Evaluate my play to improve faster by:
a) creating a journal to keep track of hands
b) writing down key details for hands I have trouble with
c) setting up a feedback loop using the Hand Input Tool to record, save, and share hands you’ve played for expert analysis from LearnWPT Pros

5. Think about and set my Poker Goals by:
a) reflecting on my past goals and results
b) setting process and results oriented goals
c) understanding “why” poker is important to me

If you’ve already made all of these “starter” resolutions part of your game, then a Membership with LearnWPT will be the easiest and fastest way to start adding more levels of complexity and nuance to your game.

If you want to jump-start your Tournament game, then the LearnWPT 2-Day Strategy Workshop in Los Angeles this February is for you! Live Training Workshops are the fastest, most comprehensive, and fun way to radically change the way you play poker.

So what are YOUR Poker Resolutions?

Post your answers in the comments below because it helps to write your resolutions down… and you may help another player realize what they need to be focusing on!

Here’s to making winning decisions in 2019!
-Nick Binger

LearnWPT Instructor Andrew “LuckyChewy” Lichtenberger

We are pleased to announce
LearnWPT Instructor Andrew Lichtenberger

Andrew Lichtenberger aka “LuckyChewy” is one of the best all-around poker players in the game today. Andrew’s positive mentality and his ability to dominate both tournaments and cash games, makes him among one of the most feared and inspiring players in the game.

LuckyChewy’s Accomplishments:

  • WSOP Bracelet winner
  • Winner of the prestigious $100,000 buy-in World Poker Tour Alpha8 championship
  • Over $9.3 Million in live tournament winnings
  • Over $3 Million in online earnings
  • Five WSOP final tables
  • High Stakes Cash Pro
  • Author of Yoga of Poker, A High Stakes Journey to Freedom

LuckyChewy’s experience and success make him a powerful resource and asset for LearnWPT Members and Students.

Click below to see a sneak peek at what Members of can expect from LuckyChewy:

Member Features: Monthly and Yearly Members can review insight and analysis from Instructor LuckyChewy through upcoming:


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Think Like a Pro

LearnWPT: Playing from the Blinds

In No Limit Hold’em, players lose more money from the Blinds than any other position in poker.

Why? Most players are either playing too aggressively (they don’t want to give up chips without a fight) or playing too passively (fearing a 3-bet or their raise getting called).

Whether you are defending from the Big Blind, completing from the Small Blind, raising limpers, or 3-Betting late position raisers, understanding how to play each position as profitably as possible (no matter what your cards) will help keep those chips in YOUR stack!

Put your decision-making skills from the Small Blind and Big Blind to the test using the scenarios below:

1. Set of 9♠9♣ on the Flop
2. K♥J♥ vs a Large Raise
3. Q♠Q♦ on the Flop
4. A♦K♦ vs a Raise and a Call
5. A♠Q♦ on the Turn

Understanding and mastering the strategies delivered in the following LearnWPT Episodes will give you the opportunities to exert a skill edge against your opponents and play from the Blinds effectively:

Keep on practicing!

PS: a Membership with LearnWPT is the easiest and fastest way to add more levels of complexity and nuance to your game. Members have access to over 180+ scenarios like this to practice their decision-making skills!

Exclusive Access! Decision Point: Pocket Jacks Preflop

[UPDATE: This LearnWPT Strategy Episode is no longer available for free to non-members]

We hope you enjoyed this special access to a full Strategy Episode from LearnWPT!

Strategy Episodes like this are included as part of a Membership to Monthly and Yearly Members of LearnWPT get two new Episodes every week.

We look forward to seeing you online!

⤴️Watch This FREE Strategy Episode From LearnWPT!

You are on the Button with J♥J♠. The MP1 player min raises and both the MP2 and Cutoff players call. Action is on you….

What are the factors you need to think about when choosing between calling, reraising, and folding? 

Join LearnWPT Lead Instructor, Nick Binger as he breaks down the action from a LearnWPT Student submitted hand reviewing a common spot with Pocket Jacks Preflop that often gives players trouble!

This video is part of our Decision Point Strategy Episode series where we offer in-depth hand analysis and reveal decision-making thought processes featuring real hands played by LearnWPT Pros and Members.  

FYI… this exclusive access will only be available to non-members of LearnWPT for a limited time (only a few more days… access expires November 28th! ) so make sure to check it out.

We’ll see you online,

P.S. Episodes like this are included as part of a Membership to LearnWPT and our Monthly and Yearly Members get 2 BRAND-NEW informative Strategy Episodes every week!



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You are Short Stacked in a Tournament, what do you do?

The first thing is DON’T PANIC!

The second thing is check which Hand Ranges you should be shoving all-in with when you are first-in to the pot given your stack size and position.

How? By quickly reviewing the BRAND-NEW interactive Push/Fold Charts created by LearnWPT and short stack specialist, Chris Wallace.

  • Visit the Tools Dashboard 
  • Click the View Charts button to open the interactive Push/Fold Charts
  • Select Big Blinds in your stack
  • Select “With Antes” or “Without Antes”
  • Find the number of players behind
  • That’s it! These ranges will be the most profitable to move all-in with

Helpful hint: bookmark the Push/Folds Charts page for quicker access

Learning how to utilize the short and awkward stack will improve your ability to get chips without good cards, even in the toughest games.

Watch more about the the fundamentals of Chris Wallace’s world-class short stack strategy by reviewing Strategy Episode 168: Short Stack Play – Overview.

If you have questions about the Push/Fold Charts send your questions in using the Ask a Pro feature or contact [email protected].

P.S. You must be logged in to your Monthly or Yearly Membership to view the Push/Fold charts!

Meet LearnWPT Pro Chris Wallace!

Chris, known to the poker world simply as “Fox”, is a professional poker player, poker coach, and widely respected theorist and author on the game. Chris would contend that he’s known more as a coach than as a player, having served as coach and mentor to several successful players. Read Chris’s Full Bio →