Poker Hands of the Month!

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Thank you for all the feedback about the Poker Hand emails - we love hearing how these scenarios are helping shift your decision-making skills into high gear!

Here’s a collection of the favorite and most discussed Poker Hands of last month:

  1. A♣K♦ vs a UTG Raise and a Call
  2. K♠K♥ vs a Flop Bet
  3. A♠T♦ vs a Preflop Raise + Call
  4. T♠T♥ vs a Check-Raise

Hand analysis is one of the best things you can do to improve your results at the table
and constant practice of your decision-making skills is essential for success in No-Limit Hold'em.

That’s why we ask that you read and practice these scenarios to keep you thinking and learning about poker… even if you don’t always agree with our analysis 😉!

See you online,

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How are these Poker Hand Scenarios helping improve your game?
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