What is the WPT GTO Trainer?


There have been many poker “trainers” in the past that allowed you to play poker hands for practice. However, these have been powered by people’s opinions of what is good play and not true game theory optimal (GTO) strategy.

What makes The WPT GTO Trainer different?

  • Our tool allows you to play through true Nash equilibrium solutions to various No-Limit Hold'em poker scenarios (over 1 BILLION individual decisions have already been generated and solved - and counting!)
  • Get instant feedback on the precise EV (Expected Value) Loss of every move you make
  • As you play and learn, your game will quickly be guided closer and closer to GTO play
  • The GTO Trainer allows you to rapidly plug leaks with the solver-based approach to poker that has dominated the highest stakes game in the world

Practice and get immediate feedback based on mathematical facts, not opinions or maybes. Train as often as you like, get real time feedback on trouble spots, and Ask the LearnWPT Pros with one click.

What is Game Theory Optimal?

GTO Session Summary

GTO is not just a new industry “buzzword” - many top Pros in the game today are studying and implementing GTO into their No-Limit Hold'em game with success.

So what exactly is GTO Poker?

  • Game Theory Optimal (GTO) Poker is a strategy that an opponent can only break even against at best, even if they have exact knowledge of the entire strategy
  • Two GTO opponents playing each other will break even against each other in the long run. There is no way to win against a GTO opponent
  • Any unilateral change to strategy by one of the players will result in that player losing Expected Value (EV)
  • This state of equilibrium strategy between two players is sometimes referred to as the “Nash Equilibrium” in game theory

You can stop wondering what GTO is and where to begin to train (like the Pros do!) by using the new WPT GTO Trainer.

Why Should I Care about GTO?

The best players in the world have been using solvers to help guide their play during the last few years.

With the WPT GTO Trainer you can train and play rapidly with solved spots.

Instead of manually solving No-Limit Hold'em spots in a time consuming and hard-to-digest way, you can drill hundreds of solved hands per hour by playing them at a poker table.

The WPT GTO Trainer will reinforce key aspects of the LearnWPT Game Plan and show you how to expand your decision making in real time. Become a dynamic and feared opponent and train these skills into reflexes at the table.

And if you are like many players and think “my opponents don’t know GTO so why should I use this strategy?” you can put your mind at ease. The best No-Limit Hold'em players in the world who consistently crush at the highest stakes all used these strategies to work their way up through the ranks. GTO works against ALL PLAYER TYPES.

This tool will change the poker world forever, in a similar way that online poker changed the poker world years ago.

Don’t get left behind… Let WPT take you from 0 to GTO!

Start getting to know GTO CLICK HERE NOW

Are You Ready to Go GTO?


The WPT GTO Trainer is laser focused on plugging your leaks and training you for peak performance by allowing you to choose the specific situations that give you the most trouble at the table.

Whether you need practice postflop after defending your big blinds, or you want to drill 3-bet defence from middle position facing raises from virtually any seat at the table, it’s just one click away.

  • Choose the Specific No-Limit Hold'em Spot You Want to Practice From Available List (e.g. MP2 Open vs Button Call) in either a Cash Game or Tournament
  • Play Poker and Know Instantly Whether Your Decision is Profitable!
  • GTO Trainer will show you two key numbers for every single action you take: Expected Value (EV) Loss and Played Percentage
  • These numbers tell you have much your action loses compared to GTO Play (if any) and how often a GTO player would make that action
  • When your numbers stay in the green, you know your play is solidly GTO
  • At the end of each session your data will be captured and displayed graphically for quick leak identification
  • Every Training Scenario Includes MANY MILLIONS OF UNIQUE FLOPS, TURNS AND RIVERS (never see the same hand twice - constantly be challenged)
  • MORE exciting features and scenarios coming soon!

What used to take players months of study with private coaches is now built into your training.

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