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AQ after an early position min raise

  • TJ (Rhode Island)

I was in the following hand and I did not feel comfortable with the way I played it.

8 players


EP 1 $16,000 (20BB)

Hero EP 2 25,500 (31 BB)

EP 1 min raised to 1600

Hero EP 2 (Ad, Qc)raised to 3200 (I usually never min re raise)

EP ! called

Pot 8240

Flop Jh, 4s, 6s

EP1 checked

Hero bet 4000

EP1 called

Turn Th

Hero went All In

EP! called

Notes: I had just played a hand where I had very nice odds on a drawing had but did not catch and lost a lot of chips. In addition, I was a now a little below average stack and I was thinking about your comment that I want to finish in the top 20% to 25% with an above average stack most of the time. I was itching to make a move.

Upon reflection it seems I should have folded or gone All in pre flop based on the effective stack size of 20BB. Your thoughts


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