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Cbet? Call turn?

  • mysteryplayer (NY, NY)

On the flop, should hero have gone all in since cbet was pot committing? Or not cbet at all because it was committing?

As played, on the turn, should I have folded to the turn bet?

Background on table: A $7 raise never thinned the field (a $25 raise often got 2 callers) and these small raises usually represented small to medium suited connector/1 gapper, small to medium suited A, or small to medium pockets.

Hero thinking: board was very dry and therefore followed default to cbet. Didn't know villain but saw him call preflop raises (of all sizes) from all positions, and then chase. From a range standpoint, he could have been 'playing the board' with Ax hands. He could have small/medium pocket, and obviously the case J. I gave myself 6 outs to win (3 Aces, 3 Kings) plus 1 chop out with the lone Jack. Possibly 3 chop outs with a 5, and I already had AK for an Ace high win. Is it wrong to use chop outs as outs?

Also, on the turn, I felt pot committed even though it was a new street, since half my stack went in on the flop. Is this a leak in my game - thinking I'm pot committed if I put in half my stack on the previous street?

As always much appreciation for all the invaluable insights and advice!

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