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Could I have played differently to prevent doubling up my opponent?

  • shum888 (New York, NY)

Eric, will you please answer the following:

1) Should I have folded preflop instead of coming in for a raise?

2) I didn't C-bet because it was a fairly dry board and was hoping for one of my opponents to bet, then I would raise right away. Should I have always C-bet on the flop?

3) Should I have checked the turn since the 5 would fill a straight if one of my opponents was holding 6-7 or Ace-Deuce?

4) Should I have led out on the river by going All-In, and representing a deuce, and hopefully my opponent would fold?

5) Please give any other constructive criticism so that I can do better next time.

Thanks again for your time, Eric.

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