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Did I Lose Value on the River

  • Bossman (Greensboro, NC)


Villain is a competent aggressive player, but I have little playing experience against him as he usually plays 2/5 and PLO.

My questions are turn and river play.  The hand seems pretty straight forward until then.  On the turn I checked since we are now heads up and hoping villain would bet.  When villain bets $75, I min raise to $150 trying to build pot and assuming villain would not fold as compared to if I bet 3x and he had a weak hand.  Is this reasonable or would I have been better to either call, raise 3x, or shove?

On the river, I assume villains range is primarily flushes, flush draws, and kx.  When the Q comes out I check assuming KQ is a large part of villains range or if he was on a flush draw he is not calling a river bet,  If he has a flush he will likely bet on river.  If the river was a 8 or less I lead out  shoving assuming k8 or less is not in his range.  As played, if villain would have bet any amount on river, I am calling.  I am not sure if this passive line on the river was proper.  I am still haunted by a couple massive mistakes I have made in the past with a smaller full house. I have only been playing for two years so still have limited experience.

Thanks for your input.

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