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How do we play AK 250+ BBs deep?

  • sscott123 (New York, NY)

1/3 live cash game

9 handed

Hero MP2 w/ AK (off suit)- ~260 BB

Villain BB - ~260 BB

Folds to Hero bets 5 BB (usually thins the field in this game)

Folds to BB who raises to 17 BB

Hero 4 bets to 50 BB

Villain shoves

Hero folds

I'm pretty confident folding is the right play here but my question is was 4 betting this deep correct? In episode 62 when answering a question in regards to 3 betting, Nick alludes to the fact that when playing deep stack you can have no 4 betting range and just call with your big hands. Is flatting the best option here and if so what is the strategy for the rest of the hand?

In this situation I was in position but what about the situation OOP?

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