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Play the flush draw aggressively or wait for a better spot?

  • Otto Parts (Houston, TX)

Playing in a home tournament 9 handed with people I play with a lot. I know them....they know me. This is a re-buy tournament and I am prepared to re-buy. We are mid way through 1st level of blinds (10 / 20). I am in the BB with ~95 BBs.

Folds to UTG1 who raises to 4 BBs with 90BB behind. This raise size will rarely thin the field to 1 or 2.

MP1 (40 BBs behind), MP2 (120 BBs behind) both call.

It folds to Hero in BB with As2s. I call and decide to play as a speculative hand. Pot now has 16.5 BBs.

UTG1 is the one player at the table I know least about. He seems solid though. MP1 is the loose passive calling station. MP2 plays aggressively and I have seen him 3 barrel bluff with open enders and flush draws.

Flop: Ks 3d 7s

I check. UTG1 bets 11BBs

MP1 folds.

MP2 re-raises to 35BBs

There is now 62.5 BBs in the pot and action is back on me.

I pondered for a while and ultimately decided to shove all in with my nut flush draw.

How would you play this?

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