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Playing Two Pair

  • terryskipworth (Desoto )

A lot of times when you hit two pair it's normally with a speculative type hand when calling a limped pot sometimes a raised pot. If you hit two pair but it's not top two pair how do you play these type of hands out? Ex; In a $1-$3 no limit cash, everyone has $200-$300 behind. I have a hand like 9-7 off suit in late position. Flop comes 9s-7c-Ks.and someone bets half of pot or more? Or someone just bets.

Or hands like 9-5 offsuite. Flop comes 9c-5d-Ks. You bet if everyone checks? How is the correct way playing second or third two pair type hands. And if called on flops like this than another broadway card hits on turn then what? A lot of people that call your bet are holding a king and most of the time they are calling with KJ KQ and even AK. Is there a rule to follow playing two pair hands like this

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