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What do you do when your flush draw gets 3 bet?

  • sscott123 (New York, NY)

3/5 NL Full table

Hero - MP2 - 220 BB

V1 - Button - 180 BB

V2 - BB - 200 BB

Pre flop ;

Folds to Hero with KcTc - raises to 4 BB

CO calls

V1 calls

Pot: approx 16BB

Flop: 4c6c3d

V2 checks

Hero bets 11BB

CO folds

V1 calls

V2 raises to 40 BB


I rule out calling due to pot odds because there are 78BB in the pot and it would cost me an additional 29BB to call giving me 2.7:1 pot odds when I need a minimum of 4:1. I also rule out calling with implied odds because I don't feel I will get paid off if my flush draw hits.

Wasn't sure whether or not to raise or fold here. V2 can have a set, another flush draw, and either a straight draw or a made straight and possibly and over pair. Is there any fold equity here for me to shove or should this hand be folded?

Also do I need to take the V1 into consideration when making this decision?

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