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When should we flat instead of 3or 4bet?

  • 111Jackhammr318 (Westside, CA)

Our default strategy is to 3bet when ahead of our opponent's opening range in a heads up situation. I've found that there are specific opponent types where it is most profitable to deviate and flat call instead of raising.

When faced with this specific type of opponent, I feel that it's important to be fairly certain that I will see the flop heads up and that if I 3bet, my opponent will often fold. It's also important that he opens a wide range and then has a tendency to barrel multiple streets post-flop as bluffs.

1. What could our potential flatting range be when faced with this type of opponent?

2. Should we plan to flat and almost never fold vs. this opponent who will often barrel three streets as bluffs (with PPs or ace high hands)?

3. Besides the above example, can we profitably integrate a calling range into our strategy in certain situations or vs. certain opponent types?

4. If so, what criteria should we look for?

5. What could our potential range be?



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