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10s on The Flop

  • mysteryplayer (NY, NY)

$1/$2 Full ring live cash game

Hero Mid 2/$250 behind

Villain Mid 3/$165 behind

Hero raises to $25 w/10 10

Flop 9 9 6 (rainbow)

Hero cbets $40

Villain all-in, $100 more to call


Hero thoughts:I knew there was a good chance I was already behind with made trips (either 9x hand or pocket 66s) or a bigger over pair (although I really discounted QQ+ since I believe villain would have re-raised all-in pre), but with pot odds of slightly more than 2:1 and an SPR of slightly less than 3, hero made the call.Was this thought process and calling correct?

Range of villain: Besides the 9x and pocket 66s, I believed villain was capable of shoving 6x hands (A6, 67s, 68s), pocket 88 and 77, and maybe even some over cards (AQ, AJ, KQ). I just plugged into poker cruncher, and depending on how many 9x hands I include in the range, I still have over the ~30% equity to justify the call.

Any correction to range and thought process would be appreciated.


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