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2:1 odds facing shove on the river with a made hand against a 4 card flush board

  • Vintage69 (Laguna Beach, California )

Nick, Again I can't thank you and your team enough for everything you're doing. The most powerful poker tool I've ever seen. Going over and over each video, even though I think I'm getting it the first time, reviewing the sessions I realize I'm missing one, if not several key points. Your brilliance is slowing starting to sink in and changing my game forever. Thank you.

2/3 $400 cash game. Hero buys in for $400. Sits down, no read on any of the players. Second hand is dealt red AA's under the gun. Raises 5x, folds around to button who calls, SB folds, BB (chip leader) calls. Hero has relative stack at $400, less pre flop bet. Flop As, 6d, 2s. BB checks, hero bets 2/3 pot. Button folds, BB calls. Turn 4s. BB checks, hero bets 2/3 again. BB calls. River, 4th spade hits. BB shoves. Should Hero, with his made hand, have shoved or increased his bet size, on the turn to have possibly taken down the pot there without a showdown, and/or by doing so prevented the 4th flush card from hitting on the river, giving the BB a perfect scare card? and What does Hero do now facing a shove, getting 2:!?

Michael Fowlkes

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