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3:1 pot odds with Ks6s

  • Anxious (Jupiter)

Average stack was 55k
Blinds were 800 and 1600 with a 200 ante mp1 raises to 4000, mp2 calls, hijack calls, hero calls on the button with Ks6s because the blinds are passive and not likely to squeeze. However in this particular hand after small blind folds, the big blind raises 10k on top to 14k total. All other players fold to hero on the button, should I call 10k more to win a total of 40k? The 40k is my 10k + 30k getting 3:1 odds, villains stack size is about 55k, and my stack size is also a 55k average stack, so it's more than 5% of the effective stack to call and I don't have a true speculative-type hand. Should I have even called in the first place? And if I do call should I only continue with 2-pair or better or a draw of 8 outs or more? Thanks.

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