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$500 Flush Draw

  • jrporras (panama)

$1/$3 on button A2s clubs. $6 Straddle on the hijack, cuttoff calls, I call, 4 other players call. Flop comes 8c, Qd, 4c. $25 bet is called by 3 players behind me and I call as well. Th comes on the turn. Original $25 better checks, checked all the way through CO who makes $25 bet, I call as well, original agressor goes ALL in with$126 folds back to CO who calls the ALL in as well(still having close to $100 behind). Call on me is $126 on a $394 pot.

Bout 32% pot odds - vs 19% equity. Im well stacked so the $126 is only 25% of stack. I make the call.

River is 6c - nut flush.

CO checks to me, I go ALL in with my remaining stack - AND HE CALLS! ($100 or so).

Even though I didnt have the exact odds to call the flush, would it had made more sense to just go all in than calling? Assuming you hit the draw - would the pot odds calculation should have assumed the CO would have gone all in as well once I went all in with the flush(maybe making even more compelling pot odds)? - that extra $100 certainly was a surprise to me.


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