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AA on a well coordinated board - Out of position.

  • jrporras (panama)

Not sure I played this right... small blind on a 1/3, AA, there was a straddle by UTG, bout 6 callers, on my turn I raise to $45. Straddler calls, and MP called as well(so close to $200 pot pre flop) - everybody else folds, giving that last caller position - 3 player see flop including me.

Flop comes K 6 4 all suited clubs. None of my Aces are club, I check, straddler checks, MP bets $100.

My analysis was: Out of position on a well coordinated flop on a MP - my top pair is devaluated, so i checked with intention to fold - once position player bets, I folded my AA. Was i too tight? (Is a 3 way pot really MP?).

Another option I could have taken provided it was a straddled play, was to just call the $6 and play my AA as speculative, would have played the same way, and folding would have been even easier - saving me $39. The thing is, on a previous day, I played AA the SAME WAY, and got 2 other players to go all in pre flop and won a $300 I like the idea to raise my AA. That time however, i was in a better position, no straddle. Maybe because this time I was in small blind, w/ lots of straddle callers, made it even more compelling just to call the straddle?

Thanks !!!

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