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AA vs 9J on a 8 8 10 rainbow flop

  • jrporras (panama)

I played this hand a few days ago and weirded me out. I was holding AA on the small blind - raised to 3 1/2 BB(1/$3 table), BB calls my raise - at the time this is a 6 player table 3 1/2 raise was common. Flop comes 8 8 10, rainbow. I considered this a dry board with a top pair, so followed one pair betting line of CB(half pot, opponent called. Next card is a Q(again color not a factor). Following my 1-pair betting line I continued with another bet of half pot, opponent called(obviously - made straight). 4 comes on the river(color not a factor).. I check as per rules. Opponent bets $30(on a $80 pot) - I reviewed the board again and discounted the possibility of him having 9J given the board was dry on the flop(i just thought it would be unlikely) and I called his bet.

So I guess I got weirded out by the 8 8 10 flop, because of the paired board i just didn't pay much attention to the Q giving the other player a hit draw. So made the mistake of calling the river(this player is a lose player as well which also may have clouded my judgement).

How are paired board with connectors treated? same as any other coordinated board even if they come out rainbow?


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