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Ac Jc Flop Decision

  • mysteryplayer (NY, NY)

$1/$2 Full ring cash game

Mid 1 limps $100 behind

Hero Mid 2 raise $25 ($200 behind)

Mid 3 calls $100 behind

Folds around to Mid 1 who also calls, 3 to flop (including hero)

Flop: 10c, 6c, 2s

Mid 1 checks


Hero would normally continuation bet on this board (considered it somewhat dry even with the 2 to a suit– is that correct?), and with the nut flush draw, 2 over cards, and only a pot sized stack remaining for both opponents, hero moved all-in.I’m almost 99.9999% sure moving all-in was correct but just want to confirm, as well as confirm my decision making process.

Before shoving, I considered whether or not I had fold equity, and I believe I did since this board did not connect strongly with either player’s preflop calling range except maybe the 10 on the board (example ranges: 10+, 66, 22, A2s+, A10o, suited broadways). I also thought I had more fold equity with Mid 1 if the first to act (mid 3) folded.

I then considered my pot odds. If 1 caller, I was getting 2:1 or needed 33% equity. If both call 3:1 or 25%. I gave myself 10 outs (9 for flush and just 1 for both over cards, thinking that villains could easily have Ax in their range), so with 40% equity it looks like shoving was correct. Plugging into poker cruncher it looks like I had well over the needed equity against 1 or both players as well.

Please let me know if all the above looks good and any corrections/adjustments you would recommend.

Thank you!!

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