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AK suited tough spot post flop:

  • Mark Stehle (Mooresville, NC)

$1-$2 10 player live cash game. The table ha da lot of action and I had been sitting relatively card dead for awhile. There were usually several callers of pre flop raises and quite a few all ins for the 45 minutes or so I had been at the table and I was trying to figure out proper pre flop bet size to thin the field. Several players were calling any bet for flush draws ad some even for gut shots or set mining all the way to the river. Button is seat 1 hero is seat 5. Action:

2 limps to Hero in MP with about $300 and holding AK hearts. Hero bets $16

4 callers most with $300-$700 and the BB with $104 behind. Pot is $80 minus rake

Flop is 9h8h2c

All checks to hero who bets $50. Villain 1 behind me min raises to $100, Villain 2 in BB goes all in for $104 all others fold. Pot is now ~$330. Villain 1 behind me has about $200 left. Hero has about $230 behind. Hero action?

Thought process at the table:

Villain 1 post flop hand ranges are set 9's 8's or 2's, A9 maybe K9, but I have blockers against them, TT-QQ maybe two pair. Hard to believe he is on a draw.

Villain 2 in BB? 2 pair possibly a set, straight draw, possibly a flush draw, A9, K9 TT-QQ. Are the two villains holding blockers for each other? Both holding 98?

Hero was thinking call or shove putting V1 all in and was confident V1 would call resulting in a pot of about $730 total. Was any A or K an out?

9 outs for the flush was 35%-65% or 1.85:1 so $200 to win $530 was good but did I have to discount outs for made full houses? Meanwhile the clock is ticking and everyone is looking at me waiting for my action.

All inputs welcome.

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