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AKo out of position to a reraise

  • Diamondgrade101 (New Lebanon, Oh)

$1/2 cash, live ring game - 9 players; mixed stack sizes but average is about $400. Hero is UTG +1 and raises to $18 (a $12 raise will get ~ 4+ callers) $18 is about the correct amount to narrow the field to 1 or 2 callers. UTG+2 re-raises to $50. Aggressive, but solid player. I've played with him and am certain he is not re-raising light, his range for a re-raise in this position is definitely a premium hand - QQ+,AK, maybe JJ, maybe AQ (but I doubt it). I know the odds of flopping an A or K when I have AK is 1 in 3 (32.4% to be exact) and I know three things, if I don't flop an A or K, I have to give up and fold. And if an A or K flops and he has QQ, I'm not getting much money out of him (maybe a continuation bet only) and if he has KK or AA, I'm toast. Everyone folds around to me, and I also fold the hand. I am certain I made the correct decision, but I have this nagging question - "Should I have re-raised him? Am I playing too passively?" This should have no bearing on your answer, but he did show and it was QQ - just confirming that my read on his range was correct.

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