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Call or raise my late pos KK when opponent bets into pre-flop raise?

  • HeathAnthony (Houston)

I'm playing 1-3 N/L in late position with KK. I pre-flop raise to $20 and get three callers. 10-6-5 rainbow flop...2 checks and third opponent bets $40 into me. I raise to $100, he pushes in and additional $350. I call, turn-7, river-Q, he shows 10-6


1. Based on the game, I think I should have raised to $25 or $30...not sure he would have called

2. When he bet into me, should I have called or was the raise good to see where he was...I wanted to check where he was

3. In hindsight, I believe when he pushed I should have folded...what's the right move?

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