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Calling first in and pure bluffing

  • jrporras (panama)

Two Questions -

I see lots of people who make calls first in after a raise. As we are only supposed to call multiway - meaning after 2 callers are in, my question is whether calling first in is just flat unprofitable or does if have situations where it might be profitable. I have seen some "sharks" that target these specific moves - if they see a raise and an inmediate caller, if noone else calls then they reraise on their turn, usually getting a fold from everyone...that would lead me to believe that calling first in after a raise just makes me an easy target... then again it doesnt happen often.

The second question is related to pure bluffing. I see people making pure bluffs playing weird card ranges off position preflop. Again- when is pure bluffing preflop profitable ? Or is that just a no-no? Expanding with some radical examples:

(A). limping in with JJ(rather than just raising from EP or MP), expecting/inciting a raise, calling after my opponents' raise and having my opponent(s) think I have a wider range(because of the limp). I did this and hit a set and eventually got him to go ALL IN. He had hit the K(AK) on on KJ9 flop...

(B) Raising with a wider range of hands(specs) from earlier positions, for example 67 suited on UTG, raise got 3 callers and hit flop big pay - got a comment after the play "raising with 67?" Which led me to believe they never put me on that hand.

(C). Raising with a trash hand and eventually getting opponent to fold post flop after C bet.

I know these scenarios do divert from the episode teachings, however, see it a lot on the table so looking for ways to expand my arsenal with the ocassional "out of the box" play.


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