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calling Preflop

  • Colin1980 (Bishops Stortford, UK)

Hi Nick

I just watched you video on calling preflop and found it very interesting in what you had to say.

I play a lot of live fast turbo tournaments in the UK where there are average of 9 to 15 players.
The starting stack is 5000, chips and blinds start at 25/50 with 20 minutes blinds. there are on average only 50000 to 75000 chips in play. After watching you video on the 5% rule and effective stack on wining 20x the amount, I found I could apply this in levels 1 to 3 of these tournaments. However once the blinds get to level 4 which is 200/400 even a limp is normally more then 5% of your stack as the average stack is normally around 6000 to 7000 by then. What would be the best advice in here?. These tournaments by the way are very low level so there is a lot of limping and calling of raises, which include many multi-way pots, more then I see in other bigger events.


Colin Gray

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