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Can we please have an immediate episode on BB Ante tournaments so we're not left to figure out the Pros, Cons and strategy adjustments (if any) on our own

  • Doornumber7 (Atlanta, GA)

Hey guys BB ante tournaments have been on the rise for a while and there are many questions swurling around as to whether these tournaments introduce edges to exploit as well as if there are some cons to be aware of and pondered. I personally believe a site like this has an obligation to be proactive in teaching it's paying members about new poker trends and not playing catch up or worse...ignoring the elephant in the poker room all together.

I recently had to post the BB ante twice in a row late in a BB ante tournament with no way of being able to anticipate it. We were down to 5 tables with 6-7 players at each table. I was BB at my table and during that hand a large number of players at my table and around the room busted out so the floor decided to drop down to 3 tables and had everybody reassigned to new tables.  After the dust settled and play resumed, I was BB again and had to post the entire ante one more time. This had a negative impact on my stack and I had no way to anticipate it. In this situation, a number of players (1) had to be BB twice in a row while a number (1+) didn't have to be BB for almost 2 orbits. The unfortunate were forced to accept their unlucky situation and move on while some fortunate short stackers were given a FREE orbit to double up. That changed the dynamics of the tournament!

If there's a risk we have to cough up a BB ante twice in a row late in a BB Ante tournament, then mental changes have to be made because we have to constantly anticipate and try to predict if we're in the danger zone. I don't do this in regular tournaments. If you say that could happen in regular tournaments too so no changes in thought are necessary, then it would be good to hear that in an EPISODE where there is accountability. While it's possible to be BB twice in row in a regular tournament it's not possible to have to post the entire ante twice in a row which can be tens of thousands of chips late in a tournament when tables are consolidated especially when it's the final table).

NOT HAVING AN EPISODE ON A BIG NEW POKER TREND LIKE BB ANTE IS BIZARRE.  At a minimum, I think we should consider BB ante like bubble play where the game MIGHT NOT change but fact is some players react to it and make passive or aggressive mistakes.  It could be similar to bubble play and we need to be conscious of it and tease out the mental errors in thinking about it.  This is what episodes are good for in that they help us see a situation from multiple angles. Do you agree?

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