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Can you provide some default open shoving, re-shoving and calling ranges?

  • chrmar40 (Toronto, Ontario)

I play exclusively on-line - usually freerolls, small stakes tournaments and sit & gos. The blinds increase very quickly so they generally turn into "all-in fests" after a few blind increases. Most of the time I have no reads on my opponents.

Just wondering if there is there a default shoving chart for 15 BB and less that LearnWPT has?

For instance, if I have 10 BB and I have KQs in EP is it profitable to shove? How about from MP? Should I re-shove with KTs for 10 BB to a late position raise (this situation just happened :) I re-shoved...

Are there different guidlines for small stakes tournaments as opposed to larger tournaments? Watching WPT on TV I see Tony Dunst shove all kinds of garbage from late position and sometimes get called with similar garbage.

But I've heard that in smaller tournaments you need to tighten up the shoving ranges because you are more likely to get called or at least tighten up the calling ranges because smaller stakes players don't know they should be shoving very wide.

I have guidelines that I use from books I have read but I'd really like to get LearnWPTs take on this.

Maybe Nick could do an episode sometime?


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