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Cold 4-bet bluff

  • Alan H (San Diego)


I just got down playing the Main Event and busted out late in Day 2. My table was pretty aggro and the 2 players to my immediate right were raising and getting 3-bet about 3 times already in the last 2-hours.

I started the hand with about 60k and we were at the 500/100 -100 level. Hand was folded to the CO with about 80k, who had been raising from LP quite a bit. Button (65k) was also pretty loose and had 3-bet the CO 3 previous times. Here were the results the 3 previous times:

  • 1. CO folded to the 3-bet
  • 2. CO called and then check/folded to a c-bet
  1. 3. CO called. Check/Called Button's 3-bet. Check/Check on the turn. CO led on the river and took down the pot.

Also, earlier I had AKo from the SB and Button raised and I 3-bet him. He paused and threw out a 4-bet. I 5-bet shoved and he folded quickly, so I knew Button is very capable or 3-betting and 4-betting light.

On this particular hand, CO open raised to 2,200. Button 3-bet to 6k. I looked down at 44 in the SB. I don't have the right price to set mine, so my options are either to raise or fold. Given my read that CO was opening very wide and Button's 3-betting range is also wide, do you think a cold 4-bet here would look VERY strong on my part?

We were about 5 hours into the day and my image has been fairly tight. I had played very few hands and when I did, I usually took them down on the turn with a 2-barrel. The only hand that I took to showdown was JJ.

In this instance, if I elect to 4-bet, would you recommend raising to about 18k? or maybe a little bigger, say 20k? or can I even just shove here? I think raising to 18k here will induce either a shove or fold from either opponent? I don't think either one can flat given our stack sizes? Plus I can always fold if one of them shoves over my 4-bet?

I had been very card dead over the past 60-min and literally have not played a hand during that time. I was just looking for a way to pick up some chips.


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