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Could I have played this hand any differently?

  • shum888 (New York, NY)

This hand happened to me at a 2-5 NL table 2 weeks ago and I'm still trying to recover from it. Usually after losing a big hand or bad beat type hand, I'm able to walk it off but this one stings! Here's how it happened:

I was in UTG, stack size was $1449, it was 8 handed at the time. I was playing for about an hour.

The following was my observations of my opponents during this hour of play:

MP2 (Villian) had a stack size of $1298. During this hour, I did observe him taking pots down at showdown, twice with a straight, another time with a set.

BB was very aggressive, admitted he's on tilt, and prior to this hand in question, lost a big pot to me on the river, bringing his stack down to about $300.

I had pocket 9's in the UTG and raised to $20 (that seemed to be the amount to thin the field to 1 or 2 opponents, except this hand).

MP2 Called $20, cutoff called $20, and BB called $20. 4 players to the flop:

Flop was Qc Qh 9s (rainbow)

BB bets $50, I called $50, MP2 called $50, cutoff folds. 3 players to the turn.

Turn was 3d

BB checked, I checked, MP2 bets $75, BB folds, I raised to $275. MP2 calls. Heads up to the river.

River was 7d

I bet $600, villain immediately raises All-In, $354 more to call. I called and he turns over Qd9d for Queens Full of 9's.

Could I have played this hand any differently on any of the 4 streets?

Here was my thinking during the hand:

On the flop - when flopping a big hand, Rick Fuller from the bootcamp once mentioned that you might need to slow down just to give your opponents a chance to catch up.

On the turn - by checking to villain, I was hoping he'd bet. I was looking to check-raise. I put him on AQo. I didn't think he had suited connectors or 1 gappers since the pot was not multiway preflop and it was his turn to act.

River - I was betting about 3/4 of the pot as a value bet.

Please give provide as much feedback and constructive critisizim possible so that I can do better if something like this comes up again. Thanks again for all your help.

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