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Dealt AA at an aggressive table

  • Mike B (Memphis)

I made a nice return on this hand and it might be a no brainer but I was curious about a couple of things.  

This table was aggressive and played more like a 5/10 rather than a 2/5.  The two players labeled as "AGG" were raising a lot.  There was also a lot of loose pre-flop calling of raises.  I really thought someone would call my all in due to the nature of the table, and if everyone folded, I would pick up a decent pot but miss value. 

Instead of jamming my entire stack pre-flop, should I have scaled the bet down to $250 or so?  Is there a better way to max return here?   

The good news was that I managed to fold out KQo from the first raiser (allegedly) although I never saw his cards.  The guy with JJ thought I had AK or AQ.   The small blind folded QQ (allegedly).  

Thanks for your feedback.   

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