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Default C-Betting Matrix Validation

  • Tom W (Ann Arbor, MI)

A while back I put together a fairly simple C-Betting matrix to provide myself with a default C-Betting guide and I was hoping that you could validate (or correct) it...

In the matrix...I list just five post-flop hand strength groupings (i.e., 1. 'premium' made of two pair or better; 2. 'premium' draw of 12 outs or more; 3. 'strong' made of top-pair/overpair; 4. 'strong' draw of 8-11 outs; 5. missed/bluffs), three groupings of opponents (i.e., 1. one opponent; 2. two opponents; 3. three or more opponents), whether I am in position or out-of-position, and whether the board is 'wet' or 'dry'.

The only time that I have down to check against one or two opponents is when I am OOP, facing two opponents, missed the flop, and the board is wet (here, I will check with the intention of folding to a bet)...Any other situation facing one or two opponents, I have it down to C-Bet by default.

Against three or more opponents, I have it down to C-Bet only the following situations...'premium' made of two pair or better OR 'premium' draw of 12 outs or more, in-position OR OOP, and wet OR dry board; 'strong' made of top-pair/overpair, in-position, and dry board. Otherwise, I have it down to check with the intention to either raise, bet turn, evaluate, or fold depending on where I am in the matrix.

I appreciate any feedback on this default.

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