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Default reads can be very bad for the bottom line

  • Knish (Las Vegas)

I am sending this hand because I think you will get a laugh from it, rather than for advice. But if I misplayed, please let me know. Here's the background. Grif and Benji are two of the best players in our casino. They are both thinking and tricky LAGs. When Grif opened for $50, I began thinking about what the bet size meant, because he had opened for as little as $15 and up to $40 before that. I have not yet drawn any conclusion, and continue to watch him for bet size clues. As you will see, after Grif opened, it folded to Benji who called, and folded to me. As I reached for my cards, looking at the backs of them, I heard Grif MEOWING at me; his way of calling me a pussy. I looked at my cards and up at him simultaneously with dagger eyes. With AA I instantly raised to $200. With those two in the hand, the reason for my $500 C bet was that I was not thrilled with the flop, nor did it worry me. But I was concerned about later streets and did not want to let either of these tough guys outplay me. Therefore, I bet a commitment amount. You will see what happened next on the screen. What you cannot hear is the banter amongst poker buddies. Per Benji, when I raised to $200 he was sure I was over reacting to the taunt; Grif agreed. As to C bet, per Benji, he shoved because he was still convinced that I had not woken up with a monster just when I was taunted, and he thought he could push me off everything but the monster he did not think I had, even though my bet sizing  signaled commitment. Grif was adamant that me made one of his biggest and best folds because he swore he tossed QQ.   

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