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Did I play correctly or was I just lucky?

  • shum888 (New York, NY)

In this 2-5 game, when the UTG raised to $20, and 4 people called the $20, I believed that my hand is well ahead of their ranges since only KK and AA can beat me, and other than the UTG raiser, its not possible that any of the callers could have had AA or KK since either of those hands or even AK would have re-raised by now. 

When the woman in MP1 re-raised all-in, I wasn't so worried about her because, again, I felt if she had AA, KK or AK, should would have re-raised previously. I don't know why should would even do that. Did she really think an extra $130 to call would have made us fold? 

I put these callers of my raise to $150 on middle to high pairs such as 88, 99, 1010 or JJ, also hands like AQ, AJ. With that said, after the flop, my QQ would have been vulnerable to sets or 2 pairs, that's why I shoved all-in to try to eliminate some more opponents. 

Should I have just called the $130 and go to the flop or was my all-in correct? Thanks again for all your help!

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