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Do I raise on the Turn if I can't fire a second bullet

  • shum888 (New York, NY)

I was playing 2-5, NL, in a 9 handed game, my stack size was $1010, on the button, holding QhJh.

It was folded to me, and I raised to 3 big blinds. Both the small blind and big blinds called. Pot is $45 before rake.

Flop was 10-7-5 rainbow

It was checked to me so I C-bet for $30.

Small Blind folded and Big Blind Calls. Pot is now $98 ($105 less $5 rake and $2 badbeat drop)

Turn was Qd, my opponent bets $160 with $295 behind.

According to the episodes watched, I believe this is the spot to fire a second bullet if it was checked to us or if we're first to act? But since my opponent, who is first to act, decides to bet into us, what would have been the correct action here? Did I make a mistake by raising and making him go all in?

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