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Facing a shove over my c-bet.

  • tujacs (birmingham)

Late in Day 1A in a $250k Guarantee, 80 players remain, 32 will be In the $ with 25 bagging for Day 2. Blinds= $2K-4k w $100 ante. I have 40bb, avg stack = 20bb. It folds to me in SB I raise to $11k with TsTc. The BB, a capable player, calls from a 40+BB stack. I expect his range to be quite wide as I assume he thinks I'm probably stealing. Flop is 7h4h7d. I bet $25k and he shoves to put me all in. I still think he is wide and not particulairly strong as he wouldn't play a boat this way and would have raised a big hand pre flop. So I'm concerned about a 76, 87 (set) but most of his range is heart draws, pocket pairs and overcards and I have to put some trashier hands like AX in his range because he's so wide and I don't think he wants a call. I think I'm well ahead (60+%) of almost all of his range but it's for all my stack. What do you do?

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