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Facing pre-flop-all in

  • holme (Svedala)

On-line tournament semifinal sat.

I am chipleader after aggresive 1/2 h play at my 6-handed table.

Blinds 1000/500

Getting AhKc stack 74BB I bet 2.5BB from utg. Itś folded to villian on

BB with stack 28BB who calls. Flop 7dKhQs pott 6100

I cbet 3.2BB and villian calls.

tu 8c pott12.5BB

Villian checks and I bet 4BB ( I ussualy bet 3/4 pott on tu)

Now for the first time villian goes ai with his remaining stack 22BB

Total pott 38BB

So far, villian has been playing tight.

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