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Flop Decision with 10d/10h

  • mysteryplayer (NY, NY)

Live Full Ring $1/$2 NLH

HJ (Villian) limps in (~ $175 behind)

CO raises to $10 ($15 behind)

Hero on Button (~$225 behind) with 10d/10h

Can’t call using 5% rule and didn’t think HJ would come along so hero re-raises to $25 knowing CO would call/all-in. If I thought HJ would come along I would have re-raised to $40 ($3x plus the $10 bet). Should this be a lesson learned – don’t assume anything and therefore re-raise standard sizing to isolate? And finally, I wasn’t concerned about the blinds as they were both holding their cards as to muck them - which they did.

HJ and CO Call

Pot is ~$75

Flop Qs 9c 5s

Hero was planning to cbet but HJ leads out with a $50 bet.

What should hero do - Call, Re-Raise or Fold? If Villian had a larger stack, would decision change?

Hero thoughts: Villian is known to hero and is a more advanced player (I am a beginner but avid student!). I definitely felt as if villain was leading into me as a bluff/semi bluff to counteract what would have been my cbet. However, this is our first pot together for the night so I have no proof of this.

Since Villian limped-in, in late position and then called a raised, I put him on Ax, Kx, Qx, suited connectors/gappers 2s-Js, and pocket pairs 22-99 (maybe JJ). Would you agree?

Admittedly, I was so unconcerned with villain at the beginning of the hand, and then surprised at his flop bet, that I never took notice of his stack size and that the effective stack to pot ratio on the flop was less than 2-1. I think, had I noticed, I would have re-raised him all-in (would that have been a correct action?). So, using only range estimates as my deciding factor (which I am not very good at accurately doing yet), I aired on the side of caution and folded thinking my 10s were now behind any Qx hand.

All input/advise/guidance greatly appreciated! Thank you!

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