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Flop decision

  • mysteryplayer (NY, NY)

Background on Villain: advanced player normally plays at higher stakes. Bullies the $1/$2 tables post flop by raising and/or reraising with literally any 2 cards, and it generally works, getting players to fold to his aggression.And then he proudly shows his bluffs.

My decision to fold was based on being so deep - not wanting to stack off even if I had top pair, let alone the 2nd pair I actually had. (SPR on flop approx 6)

So my specific questions are: 1. Was c betting against this villain correct? 2. Was folding against the flop reraise correct? 3. With this type of villain, could I have made an exploitative adjustment and called the flop reraise and then check/call down to river (assuming normal bet sizes to call)? Or, does it go back to, 'it's ok to fold the winning hand some of the time- it's the long term that matters'.

Thank you!!

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