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flopped 2nd nut straight on button with 2 suited cards on flop

  • Stevemarvin42 (Los osos, ca)

Question 1:  my 5-2 suited ok to call speculatively here on the button or just fold it?.  The raiser was pretty tight player who did not play many hands and played mostly first in hand ranges/

After the flop i get a bet and raise. I should be raising the flop to get value here, but i am not sure on the sizing of my raises here, i get these spots often.  The turn is where i think i blew it and made a huge mistake by not just putting them all in and having them make a decision for their stack.  i gave her to good of a price. she turned over 7-7 and made a full house on an idiot i call on river and i reallize after the hand that i should of folded because she is not bluffing the river here.

If i shove all in on the turn, will people call  with an overpair and a gut shot to straight.

this tool helps us replay the hand and see where we can improve..

thanks again.

Hand Input Tool

NL Cash (1/3)

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