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Flopped a big draw on highly cordinated flop(gut shot strt draw and flush draw)

  • Stevemarvin42 (Los osos, ca)

1/2 Cash game where standard raise was $10 and 3/4 callers per hand average.  Question 1 calling $10 here with 10-8 suited.  ok or too loose?  Its around the 5% range for calling.  After it is reraised to $30 am i suppose to fold here or is calling  ok.  The total of $30 is way over the 5% rule for calling, but my thinking was:  I am closing the action on a 6 way pot getting 6/1 on my call..  Correct play?  I called.  Question 2:    after the flop am i suppose to fold this or call.  I  was getting 12 outs in my mind maybe 11 maybe 11 if they have a set of 6's.

after about a minute i folded.


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