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Flopped Double gut shot on flop in multi-way pot in the BB

  • Stevemarvin42 (Los osos, ca)

I called here with a non-spec hand in the BB in a 5 way pot for $3 more.  Is it ok to call here and close the action 5 ways with non spec hand?  Flop comes double gutter for me and i get a bet and a caller and i call as well.  The old me would of folded.  I had 8 outs and I just re-watched the videos on pot odds and implied odds and thought i could make up a unit if i hit my hand..Was i right in thinking that?  After I hit my gin card, I check and let the better make a bet and then get the rest in on turn...Check on turn or bet out?  I liked my check, but if they all check back am i losing value by checking?

thanks again

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