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Flopped Top Pair in 5 Way Pot

  • mysteryplayer (NY, NY)

$1/$2 Full Ring Live Cash Game

EP3 limps in ($350 behind)

Mid 2 raises to $9 ($200 behind)

Hero in HJ with KQs re-raise to $25 ($200 behind)

Hero knows raiser who has a very wide raising range, ATC sometimes. Therefore, since pot was not multi-way yet, and villain has wide range, I decided to raise versus call. As an aside, immediately after the fact, I realized I should have raised to $30 but honestly, the $5 difference would not have mattered at this table. The callers would have called whether it was $25 or $30.

CO and Button call. So does EP3 and Mid 2

5 to flop (including myself), pot is $125

Flop: K, 3, 6 rainbow

EP3 bets into the field $80. Mid 2 calls. I tank and finally fold (I was either shoving or folding). My thoughts were that even though the board was extremely dry, and the SPR was less than 2, the fact that there was already interest from 2 players, and there were still 2 players left to act, I felt my top pair would not be best at showdown and therefore folded. I also felt I had little fold equity with these players.

From a range standpoint, I was thinking EP3 could have been trapping with AA, KK (not likely since 2 already out), AK. Could also have 33, or 66. Mid 2 and other callers same range with additional combos of A3, A6, KQ, KJ, K10, QQ (?s).

Should I have shoved, and if yes, is the decision based on SPR? Or was folding correct based on number of players, action up to decision point and little if any fold equity? If folding was correct, if the SPR was 1, would a shove had been correct?

Thank you and Happy New Year!

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